The term CODE OF ETHICS highlights the fact that we integrate the consultancy work, which we took up under professional objectives advocating the interests of our clients, with the concern to maintain the reverence of our profession and that we accept the voluntary requirements above and beyond legal mandates with a complete self-discipline. Within this context: Services reinforced by experiences

  • We shall accept only those works which our experience and capacity allow us to perform; we shall not provide consultancy service which is based only on reading or hearing and which is not reinforced and confirmed by our own realities and life experiences.

Introducing ourselves

  • We shall not introduce ourselves in a misleading manner.

Complying the principles

  • We shall comply with these principles in particular under conditions and in situations that might damage our interests.

Facilitating the controls and encouragement

  • We shall not perform activities that prevent the control of our compliance with the above principles and when possible, we shall encourage such controls.