What can SE do in such a case?
No doubt, SE is not a magic wand but in such a case “the best thing that can be done” can only be done by SE.
What shall we do if you call us?

  • First, we establish a “team” which includes a member who knows your companyÂ’s business thoroughly. The team also comprises experts on important processes of your business.
  • The team quickly plans an organigraph, a process map which will reveal the flows and bottlenecks of your business.
    Most probably, you know these bottlenecks too, but the map serves two important purposes: the team members recognize the firm fully and the processes you have gone through up to that time are clearly observed.
    At this stage, the key performance indicators (KPI) expected of these processes are identified and the success of the processes and the potential bottlenecks are assessed.
  • The team, firstly, assesses the firmÂ’s position and chance in the market it does business. If this chance is deemed as satisfactory, the next step is taken.
  • The real contribution of SE starts at this point, as follows. Your business is made of a series of interrelated parts, which we call subsystems.
    Generally, these subsystems are organized in units, such as departments, directorates, etc. While the subsystems are in close collaboration when they are newly established, in time, they become independent of each other to prioritize their own targets, as if they are separate firms.[3]
    Thus, we end up with firms within firms that appear as if they are interdependent, that claim to be in close collaboration with each other but behave just the opposite.
    In reality, works that should be an integral whole become fragmented due to this fragmentation tradition. The decline of an establishment starts with this phenomenon: compartmentalization. Process fragmentation is a kind of inner fracturing which cannot be observed when viewed externally. (See “Traditional Approach – Fragmentation of Processes by Units”)
    Staff who rush to and fro but expensive and low quality production!
    The team determines this fragmentation by SE and draws a work plan that will re-unify the works into a “whole”. To this end, the team queries the mission and the vision of the firm repeatedly. (See “Systems Engineering – System Approach through Process Teams”).
    The essence of the approaches in management consultancy such as – using their trendy terms – re-engineering, process focused approach, etc. is Systems Engineering.
  • As a result of this action, the firmÂ’s works are rationalized to highest possible degree. The rationality is necessary for the firm to profit but there may be other prerequisites. If the firm cannot still reach a profiting status due to external factors, international un-competitive effects (such as quotas), alternative solutions are developed and suggested

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