Mission, vision and core-values are the indispensable elements of an organization. In practice, whichever organization you ask, a mission, a vision and core-values will be mentioned, this certainly exists. Well then, what is the problem?
Organizations all have a mission, a vision and core-values but in general these have not been brought down to an implementation level from the mind(s) of the establisher(s). On the other hand, the professionals – again in general – prefer to adopt commercial targets and objectives as mission and vision instead of revealing “the real guidelines” that are in the minds of the establisher(s).
Our experiences with many organizations show us that profiting is adopted as a mission. However, within the core-values of internationally reputable –and profiting – companies, profitability is not an objective but is a tool in achieving and sustaining the real rationale of existence of the organization.
One of the best ways to identify the mission of an organization is to ask the following question:

    If you knew that you might retire tomorrow with a good salary, would you still want to continue working in this organization? If the answer is “Yes”, what is the cause (mission) lying deep inside that motivates you to work?

On the other hand, to identify the core-values, the following questions may be asked:

  • Personally, which of your core-values do you carry over to your work?
  • What are your core-values that you advise to your children wanting them to bear these?
  • If you retired tomorrow, which work core-values would you maintain?
  • Which of your core-values will go on being valid for 100 more years?
  • If a core-value of you begins to cause a comparative disadvantage instead of an advantage, would you keep sticking to it?
  • If you started working in a different company tomorrow, which core-values would you keep?

What can we do?

We can work together with the professionals and establishers/shareholders of your organization to implement appropriate methods to reveal and to reformat the mission, vision and core-values that might be embedded in their minds.

Yorum Gönder