On the brink of a new millennium, the fundamental factor of traditional education institutions, “teaching”, is substituted by the “learning” concept.
Humans, because they are vulnerable to conditioning (the weakest point of humans) and because of the life long doctrine saying “you can not learn unless someone teaches you”, after sometime can not actually learn without an intermediary person.
But in fact, the common feature of humans and all other organisms capable of surviving is their extraordinary learning ability. They can learn the information, skills and behaviour, with an unbelievable creativity and in the meantime can use all the facilities around them with great skill.
The concept of Learning Medium aims at reminding young and adult individuals, who are waiting to awaken this natural ability, their learning capacity.
In a learning Medium, no one teaches, no one tells what to learn. The only thing done is preparing a suitable medium and except minor helps no one gives teaching assistant. In a learning medium in an organization, everyone determines his/her learning needs and learn by themselves.
Sometimes, this self-learning is without help, sometimes is through participation in activities such as courses, seminars and conferences, which are under the individual’s control. The difference between a teaching training programme and a learning focused training programme is who “controls” the programme. The efficiency of a teaching training programme is low; on the other hand, the efficiency of a learning focused training programme is incomparably high.
A learning programme consists of the following abstract and concrete pieces:

  • A physical space: A place where there are learning materials which can be examined by those who want to use them and where there is a Learning Medium manager.
  • Equipment: Equipments such as computer, Internet connection, cassette player, overhead projector, data-projector, flip chart, meeting tables, etc.
  • Learning Resources Pool: Printed, audio, visual, computer supported, etc. learning material.
  • Utilization Agreements concerning Learning Resources: There might be learning materials which do not exist physically in the Learning Medium, but are allowed to be used. Individuals who have various learning materials and agree to provide those materials which might serve to achieve the objectives of the target groups make agreements with the organization management.
  • Utilization Agreements concerning Learning Facilities: First aid training in a hospital, fire defence training with a fire extinguisher team, benefiting from target directed programmes of various governmental organizations or participation quota for various training and/or common intelligence studies that might be arranged by a commercial company for its own personnel might be the topics of Utilization Agreements.
  • Mentor Pool: This is the pool consisting of individuals who agree to guide those who want to benefit from the Learning Medium on specific or general subjects.
  • Participatory Studies: These are participatory studies, which may be organized periodically or when a specific number of people gather, for those who want to benefit from the Learning Medium. There are 11 such studies and cover the following subjects:
      Module No 1 – General introduction of the Learning Medium;
      Module No 2 – What is gained as a result?
      Module No 3 – You have the control! (aims at building self-trust in the participant);
      Module No 4 – Positiveness is power! (aims at diminishing widespread negative trends);
      Module No 5 – Life is learning! (aims at emphasizing the fact that almost all the problems confronted in various fragments of life originate from lack of learning);
      Module No 6 – Everything is elective! (aims at emphasizing that getting frustrated with fate is wrong and that most of the problems are our selection);
      Module No 7 – Unchain your mind! (aims at reaching self-awareness in order to be able to think creatively);
      Module No 8 – Questions are answers! (aims at building the awareness that asking the correct questions is an important part in getting the answer);
      Module No 9 – You are in a sea of learning possibilities! (aims at building the awareness that an individual who wants to learn is surrounded by learning possibilities that will help him)
      Module No 10 – Tests that help knowing oneself (such as Entrepreneurs Test, Time Usage Test);
      Module No 11 – The final participatory study that is organized at the end of all the above participatory studies, so that the individuals identify groups (learning circles) and a learning target.
  • Moderator Seminar : A seminar aiming at training “moderator” persons that will work in the Learning Medium.

What can we do?

We can establish this medium which is necessary to transform the human resources of your organization into a real intellectual capital. Your gain will be enhanced learning efficiency and saving the resources that you have spent for teaching focused training programmes and that you are doubtful whether you will regain or not.

Yorum Gönder